2.2 Awaits – Geometry dash latest news.

Which is inspired by the’Dash Until Puff!’ Match on touch;
Although, we understand some could be introduced, for example: Some enthusiasts say there are a new icon founder that would permit users to make their own icons for a few orbs and utilize them in amounts. That seems crazy!

Well, you can find ENDLESS chances, so stay tuned!
So stay tuned, cuz I do not understand when Robert would launch this upgrade… Maybe he is waiting for the best time to launch it. Plus, he’s made us lovers curious as HELL concerning the new upgrade, by releasing the brand new sport,’Geometry Dash Subzero’.

That, and he is the only one so far as anyone knows. But it’s been in development for more than two years at this time, therefore it ought to be ready any day now. At This Time, it is pretty much impossible to Generate an accurate guess

That will surely alter the length of this varied level editing of Geometry Dash and make it a ton easier to make levels using comprehensive and diverse layouts; That would enable users to make amounts that are randomized; Which include things like zoom in and zoom out functions, and static cameras;

Roughly RubRub, Robtop, The Gatekeeper, October, and also the 2 vault-keepers. This game seemingly includes 50 to 60 percent of those new features that will arrive in 2.2, so make certain to test it out on touchscreen. Well… Robert stated he’d launch 2.2 about February, but we’ve attained June and no indication of 2.2 has emerged.