Omni-Channel Marketing

Target specific user interests out of store, in-store, pre and post purchase. Better ROI.

Location & Behavior

Target based on accurate location and user personas and behavioral segments.

Engage Intelligently

Products & brands can engage with users based on their interests & actions . Drive impulse purchases

What people are saying about bounty..

Brands need to personalize offers, services and experiences to suit a consumer starting with courting the customer, getting to know them better and tailoring contextual communication to drives sales or service. You need to be predictive, realtime and contextual – providing you what you need at the right location, just in time. Bounty provides the perfect platform for brands to reach out to consumers in a cost effective and meaningful way.

Jacob Mathew, MD of MAPE Advisory Group

Today, websites are able to identify a customer along various dimensions (new vs returning, customer demographics, customer lifetime value, customer purchase intent) the moment he/she visits the site. However, retail businesses do not know who has entered their store until the customer actually makes a purchase. Imagine if retail businesses have the same ability as websites – to identify customers at entry.

Bharat Devanathan, former COO of Groupon APAC