India's 1st Rewards App with Automatic Check-in

Our AI/ML based bot 'maya' will automatically alert you to collect points when you visit a partner store.

Trusted by over 500,000 users...

Getting FREE Gift Vouchers is now as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Visit Partner Places

Partner places could be restaurants or retail stores like clothing, grocery, supermarkets, electronics, jewelery, beauty saloons, spa’s,and many more.

Get bounties

Simply tap on the notification to collect bounties/points. You can also get more bounties for doing more things like snap bill & QR scan.

Get FREE Gifts

Choose from gift vouchers(Flipkart, Freecharge etc) or coupons(Zoomcar, Runnr etc) or Products(Selfie Stick, Pendrive, Bag, Wallet etc).

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What our users are saying:

Just love the app! Can get rewards just by having your phone with you and doing nothing else! Customer support also very friendly and helpful :) Bounty = awesomeness!


Super duper The app auto detects that we are at restaurants an alerts. This help me always collect the points.

Aditi S

Vadlamudi Bhaskar

Very good app. I have got bounty bag from this app. And It has been delivered within 2 days.

Be a bounty hunter!

All that you have to do is install our small app that will give you bounties..

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